Biannual shows where every dancer is invited to perform!

Dance shows

At Liberty School of Dance, we run a bi-annual show, which is a major event and the highlight in our school calendar. The show usually runs just after Christmas and before the February half term.

Children are all invited

Liberty School of Dance encourage all our children to take part and will learn a dance in each of the classes that they attend. Preparation for the show begins in September before the show.

During show term there are no exams held at the school as the focus becomes the show, building upon the children’s movement memory alongside their technical and performance skills ready to present to a large audience.

Dancing in a theatre is a great experience and one which we strongly believe comes hand in hand with dance training. All we ask for is a registration fee at the beginning of the Autumn term, which covers costume hire and extra rehearsals.

Rehearsals and preparation

Rehearsals take place on some Sunday’s through January. All you will need to provide is your own dance tights, shoes, hair accessories and makeup.

Showtime is such a wonderful time at the school and brings everyone together, further building upon the warm and welcoming dance community that we are so proud of at the school.

Our next show...

Set to take place on 6th February 2021 at the Beck Theatre in Hayes – our biggest venue to date!

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