Parent Waiver Form

Liberty School of dance

Parent Waiver Form

Please read and sign the agreement below by printing off the Word or PDF version and could I kindly request that you bring it with you to your first lesson.

I confirm that I have read and understood the associated documents:

  • Risk assessment in response to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • New procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic

I nor my child will enter the building if anyone in my household has had symptoms relating to Covid-19 (or tested positive for Covid-19) in the last 7 days.

I will notify Marina O’Brien immediately if anyone in my household has symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19.

While all safety procedures and government guidelines have been followed by Liberty School of dance, in order to make the dance activity COVID-secure, I understand that the school cannot avoid all risks of Covid-19 and therefore it cannot be fully eliminated.

I agree for my child to participate in their dance classes and I know that while every step has been taken for social distancing to be maintained at all times, I understand that my child and other children may not always maintain this successfully.

I agree for my child to use the supplied hand sanitiser at the beginning and end of classes.

I will adhere to ensuring the highest standards of hygiene by sending my child to class in a clean uniform, by sanitising the soles of their dance shoes and sending them to class with minimal items – preferably no bag or coat.

In the event of a new lockdown, be it local or national, I understand that classes will revert to zoom and the adjustment of costs (20% discount off zoom classes) will be credited to my account. If my son or daughter is unable to participate in zoom classes, the remaining cost will be credited to my account but unfortunately cannot be refunded.

If the teacher becomes unwell and classes are not able to run, in most circumstances an alternative date will be found to run the classes on. If this is not possible, you will be refunded for the classes in question. If the teacher is advised to stay at home but is fit and well enough to lead classes, then she shall revert to zoom for the required time frame and you will be credited accordingly.

Regretfully, Liberty School of Dance will not be able to refund or credit classes due to student illness, but there will be the option for your son or daughter to join the class via zoom, with access via the parent portal.

I give permission for the live zoom classes to go ahead simultaneously with the face-to-face class. I understand that this is secure and private and the camera will be focused on the teacher, not the students in the class. These classes are not recorded.