GDPR Photographic Consent

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GDPR Photographic Consent Form

For Use of Photographs & Digital Images

Dear Parent,

The use of photographs & digital/video images plays an important part in our modern society. At Liberty School of Dance, there may be times when photos or digital images are used for promotional purposes on the official school website or on our social media pages.

With smartphones, it is also becoming a wonderful tool for teaching and learning, where pupils and members of staff may use digital technology to record evidence of dance routines and exercises as a teaching and learning aid. These digital/video images may then be used to rehearse the dance movements at home with the dancer’s consent.

We believe that celebrating the achievement of children within the dance school is an important part of their learning experience and personal development. Taking photographs/videos of pupils to celebrate individual and group successes is a valuable way of building a strong school community.

The children work incredibly hard to achieve their successes and at Liberty, we would like to begin to celebrate this more through our website and on our social media Facebook, Instagram pages and twitter feed, as well as on our termly newsletters, official show photographs, displays at our shows, in the official programme for the show and very occasionally in the public media.

Liberty School of Dance will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will not take or publish images of pupils unless explicit consent has been provided by parents. We are also acutely aware of the importance of e-safety in today’s society and children’s full names will not be published externally with their photographs but may be published internally (for example, to celebrate an achievement in our termly newsletter.)

Please note that all external photographers and companies who are invited in to take these photographs or record these images are vetted and checked.

N.B. Parents/carers are welcome to take videos and digital images of their children at watching days for their own personal use. To respect everyone’s privacy and in some cases protection, these images should not be published/made publicly available on social networking sites, nor should parents/carers comment on any activities involving other pupils in the digital/video images.

By signing below, you are providing consent for Liberty School of Dance to use both hard-copy and digital images (including video) in accordance with how you have completed the tables below in:

  • all school publications, the official school Website, and on school social media pages
  • in newspapers as approved by the school
  • at our dance school show and at any other public performance that we may be participating in.

Consent Form

Please read the consent form by either clicking the Word or PDF versions & tick your preferences before signing and dating the bottom of the form.

Please return this form to Marina at Liberty School of Dance or electronically to

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