Ballet, Tap and Modern dance exams available for all students throughout the year.
Dance Exams

At Liberty, we follow the exam syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance for Ballet and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for Tap and Modern. These are both highly reputable organisations with international recognition.

As children progress into the higher or vocational grades, achievement in these exams counts towards UCAS, recognised by institutions of further and higher education.

Whilst the majority of our students choose to dance as a hobby, achievement in these exams often gives your child another string to their bow and interest aside from their educational pathway, which is always liked and appreciated in education and at interviews.

Pursue your dreams
Equally, for the young dancer who does want to pursue a career in the dance world, the exams we follow at Liberty will equip them with the skills required to compete successfully in the industry.

The vocational exam syllabus is essential for these dancers who want to develop their skills and anyone who wants to dance more than just once or twice a week.

We pride ourselves at the school as being somewhere where children can dance for fun, but also somewhere that our students are given the best opportunity to succeed to their full potential.

Exam preparation
  • Liberty School of Dance usually run exams each term.
  • Students are entered after studying their grade for the required length of time and when they are ready.
  • For ballet, students are required to attend classes twice a week in the term leading up to their exam.
  • Students refine their technique. We apply techniques and increase their confidence when they walk into the exam room.
  • We run mock exams for all exam candidates to give them a real experience of what the exam will be like beforehand.
Exam day and after
  • On the exam day, a visiting examiner will come to the school and assess the children against a variety of criteria.
  • While it is a formal experience, the children seem to love and thrive on tradition and discipline.
  • A few weeks after the exam, we receive the children’s results with certificates, report forms and for ballet, a medal too.
  • The children are always so proud of their achievements as are we!
  • We truly believe that the exams we hold at the school prepare children for so many aspects of their young and adult lives.
  • Commitment, discipline and self-motivation are just some of the qualities that we see from our young dancers at the school every week and we feel that the exams really help to promote this.
  • However, while exams are an important aspect of the school, they are not compulsory.
  • Most importantly, we want the children to build confidence in moving, be able to express themselves to music and to develop a genuine love for dancing.

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