COVID-19 New Procedures

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COVID-19 New Procedures

We are very excited to reintroduce our face-to-face dance classes from September 2020. While the set up will be new and a little different on the surface, we promise that the essence of our classes and the joy of dance will remain the same. We confirm that Liberty School of Dance has complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 and now ask that you all follow the procedures below so that together, we can ensure that we are running as securely as possible.

Please do not enter the building if anyone in your household has had symptoms relating to COVID-19, namely a new, persistent cough, temperature or loss or change of sense of smell and/or taste or tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 7 days.

The dance school must be informed immediately if you or anyone in your household has tested positive for Covid-19 since attending classes with us.

Procedures for safe practice at Liberty School of Dance

Before Class

There will be a one-way system in operation at the school: Please drop off at the front door and collect at the fire door of the Richardson room, which is the room that we usually use as a changing room. This will prevent any crossover. Drop off and collection points will be clearly signposted at the foot of the pathway leading to the hall.

When queuing up for drop off and collection, please maintain a 2-metre social distance with others.

We politely ask that you arrive promptly and at the specified time of your class to avoid overcrowding. Please collect in the same fashion. Where possible only one adult should accompany their child to the front door. Once you have dropped off your son/daughter, please could we politely ask that you do not wait around the church courtyard in large groups as the church is open for worship and we want this to be a safe place for all by limiting the number of people waiting.

Please note that only the children dancing will be allowed into the hall. Please be prepared to drop off your son/daughter at the front door and advise them that this is going to happen before they arrive at class. There are only 3 instances when a parent, wearing a mask, will be allowed into the lobby area, but not the hall:

  1. Nursery aged children who are reluctant as they are so young – there is strictly a maximum of 5 parents allowed in at any one time, but preferably fewer, and social distancing is vital.
  2. The parent of a new student.
  3. In the event of an emergency.
    All children must arrive ready and dressed for their dance class. Please could we request a clean uniform for each day you attend to avoid any cross-contamination.

No changing of uniform is permitted in the hall, other than to remove overgarments.
Please encourage your son/daughter to go to the toilet before class. If it is essential for them to go during the lesson only one student will be permitted to use the facility at a time.

Whilst I always enjoy interacting with you all between classes – it is always so lovely to get to know you – please could I politely request that if you have something you would like to discuss, please could you email or call me. I will, of course, look forward to seeing you all say hello, so please don’t think I am being rude, but my focus must be on the children and ensuring that safe social distancing between the students is maintained. This will also help to ensure that start and finish times are followed promptly so that the children have as much time dancing as possible.

Parking – Please note that parking is not permitted on the church drive on Saturday’s. There is ample, unrestrictive parking on the neighbourhood roads so this shouldn’t be an issue. Thank you for your cooperation.

Entering the hall

All children will be required to sanitise their hands on entering the building.

All students aged 11 and over must wear a mask when in the lobby areas of the hall, but they do not need to wear a mask for class unless they would like to.

On arrival, children will be directed to a mat where they can place their things. Please, where possible, no bags or coats, just dance shoes, character skirts, medication if applicable and water if absolutely necessary. When it is cold, a onesie or tracksuit can be worn over the top of uniform…or anything which requires minimal time to change into/from. Please make sure that outdoor shoes are worn into the lobby area and ballet shoes are only put on before entering the hall. Please help us keep the highest standards of hygiene by wiping down the soles of dance shoes with an antibacterial wipe before and after classes.

I and any of the helpers at the dance school will wear a face mask for the changeover of classes. I will also wear a visor for the younger classes in case I need to get closer than the recommended two metres. From Primary ballet onwards I do not intend on wearing a mask or visor to teach in unless government guidelines change.

During class

Non-slip floor spots will be used to help maintain social distancing during the dance class and Marina will talk this through with each of the students. There will be markers at the side of the hall for students to wait for their turn in a socially distant manner or to line up for their turn before corner work.

There will be no dancing in bare feet. For Modern, children can wear ballet shoes, jazz shoes or grippy socks, if your son or daughter does not study ballet.

For modern and stretch class, please can all students bring their own yoga mat with them for the floor work sections of the class.

In the event of needing to help a child with basic first aid, a face mask, gloves and visor will be worn.

Windows will be open for ventilation and on warm days the back doors will also be open.

After class

Students will file out to their designated mat in the lobby, where they can gather their things.

All students will queue in a socially distant manner to be dismissed from the Richardson room. The sliding connecting doors from the Richardson room to the main hall will be open to allow for more space.

All students will be required to sanitise their hands when exiting the building.

All students from the previous class must be dismissed before the next class is allowed in, to avoid face-to-face contact and to restrict numbers in the building.

Uniform orders and payments

All uniform orders are transferring online. Please order via the website. You will then receive an invoice, which must be paid before the order is processed. Your uniform will be distributed in a paper bag at classes but must be tried on at home. If items do not fit, they can be returned. In the event of a piece of uniform not fitting, please send an email with the size that you require and this will be exchanged for you.

Payment of fees, uniform orders and/or exams will only be accepted via bank transfer for the foreseeable future until restrictions are lifted.

In the event of another lockdown, where the school is forced to close, classes will revert to zoom – more information about this is on the parent waiver form.


Thank you all so much for your cooperation during this time.

Best wishes,

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