What is Ballet?

Ballet is a disciplined art form created by formalised, accurate and precise movements of the body.

Ballet Classes

At Liberty School of Dance, we follow the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance in both the graded and vocational examinations.

Liberty School of Dance specialises in providing ballet classes for children.  Children are invited to study ballet from the age of three, where the class is an imaginative exploration of movement and music, but enrolments are welcomed at any age.

The study of ballet promotes self-discipline, confidence. teamwork and attention to detail; skills which will serve each of the students in their school years and beyond. Students who have studied at the school have progressed through the grades and gain a real sense of accomplishment and achievement when they perform their work for an examiner.

We have been operating our classes in Osterley, Isleworth since September 2012 and since then have entered over 100 students for exams with the Royal Academy of Dance.

Disciplines at School

Classical Ballet is the most popular dance discipline at the school and provides an excellent foundation for all other styles of dance. Ballet helps to improve posture, coordination, alignment and placement of the body.

In classes, we work on the fundamental principles of turnout, line, accuracy and precision of footwork, use of the space and musicality among a multitude of other skills which this wonderful art form develops.

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We specialise in teaching Ballet, Modern and Tap dance for children.